About Us

Welcome! Lily of Hope Global Ministries was Founded by Denise Reed, inspired by the Holy Spirit. This ministry exists to bring the hope and love of Jesus Christ to the broken, bound and hurting, through evangelism, missions and outreach.


Lily of Hope provides Bibles to Spain, Mexico, Uganda, and Pakistan. We help the orphans and widows each month in Israel. We also have a monthly evangelism meetings via Skype.

Our Founder

My mission in life is to really help people get free from trauma, addiction, fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem. I want to see people free from mental illness. To see them FREE in Christ Jesus! ​ His power! His words! His love! ​ He freed me from all of the things of my past. I was addicted for 28 years to drugs. I was abandoned early into foster care and sexual abused. I didn’t know how to live a full life. I was mixed up in prostitution. I was suicidal, and living a destructive life. Then, one day, I met Jesus! ​ It wasn’t religion! It wasn’t church, but JESUS! He came and He gave me hope! I have been free for 6 years! I am LIVING in hope, peace, and joy. I HAVE to see this in others. I have to see people develop life skills, grow in an understanding of God, experience real love, find freedom, and be discipled in Christ.

Feeding Program

Each month we feed on average 300 people at $1 per person.

Contact us to to volunteer with us in the Fort Worth area.

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